When you love someone, when they face some big difficulties, which you can do nothing to help, it's painful. Really.

You love them so much that you can't stand seeing them cry. Their tears can make you feel this kind of hardness deep in your heart which you can't bear, making you tears flow. It's hard.

You can't stand doing nothing when you actually can't. You feel some great pain because of that. And you end up crying for not being able to do anything.

You intent to help as much as you can, but at last, you can just let them cry on your shoulder. Something which you can't help much, your heart get hurt again. It hurts even more when you stand really close by their side and can only see them in pain, while you have to accept the truth that you can't do much for them.

Compared to yours, their pain of course is greater, yes you know that. You understand that. But what to do, you can't deny the fact you're also in pain. Not to say that they are the reason you're feeling so, of course not. But to say that you love them so much that you can't bear to see them hurt.

Pray. Give them some courage. Smile.
They'll get some strength insya-Allah.

Oh Allah, kuatkanlah sahabatku.. T.T

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