The talks we had as we looked at each other, the stories that only we knew, i guess i can't erase them. I can't throw them away, i can't forget them.

For the first time in a while, i look around these streets. Whenever I pass this street, the good memories, they keep floating up in my head. So i stop my footsteps.

After a long time, i am here right now. Because i long for that time.

Though i tried to live without knowing, i keep thinking about it. That's how i am. It keeps coming into my eyes. The times we spent together, the memories, they fall like stars.

I try to pretend that i'm not, but i keep thinking of you. How about you?

If i wait here, will i be able to see you? Then will i be able to tell you how i feel right now?

I miss you. I'm missing you. Because you're not here, because there are so many empty things.

Today again, i long for that spot. And my footsteps won't move, and i call out to you.

*Tears fall.
(Oh Allah, help me. Keep my heart preserved.)

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