To ensure you are the one,
To ensure this feeling comes from Him,
With all i have, i made my istikharah,
With my best, i even did my istisyarah,
I asked Him for He is The Only One Knowing,
Hoping He would guide me, and show me.

At the very moment when my heart says its you,
 Courage was built inside me,
To answer and tell you,
That you have got some place inside me.

I keep you well in my dua,
Knowing He listens to every silent prayer of ours,
To every silent wish made within us,
Looking far to the future,
May He take good care of you,
May you be fine.

Having you is among the greatest thing happening in my life,
Choosing you is my sincerest decision,
Wishing we can be part of each other becomes one of my biggest dream,
To complete half of our iman,
For the sake of Him.

Dear you,
You should know that someone is really care about you,
Someone is praying for your happiness,
So take care, be strong and live life happily :)