Courage is not something we gain from nothing. We gain it from something. And when we have courage, we have it because of Him. Otherwise we will not.

Courage is a grace under pressure. Despite how difficult things are, we manage to do something against those difficulties. We manage to win over it, and it is not something easy. Trust me. It is not easy.

Allah helps, but we ourselves have to get up first. Allah will give help to those who wants to help themselves. One of His help is, courage.

Even if you fall, anyone can offer their hand for you to get up. But before you reach their hand, you will need to gather your own strength to get yourself up and accept their help. That's waht i mean by Allah helps those who want to help themselves. It must come from us first.

Right now, i need courage. To move on without any more doubt, without worries. I'm not playing, i'm serious.

* * * * * * *

O Allah, again, help me.