Yesterday i attended an english class which is conducted every week by my company on wednesday but changed to yesterday which is thursday because on wednesday the class was cancelled *one breath* fuhh

So back to my first point, we learnt about past continuous tense and future tense.

Talking about the past continuous tense, our teacher point out two example of statement and asked us to differentiate between those two. I would like to share with you the examples and please try to point out the difference, if you read this, and if you have time, and if you would like to treat me who might be talking alone to myself over here but trying to believe that someone is reading this *one breath again* fuhh

Okay here it is:
1st example
When we walked into the office, all the staff were having a meeting.

2nd example
when we walked into the office, all the staff had a meeting.

The statements looks a bit similar but it brings a totally different meaning. Why i share this with you and want you to figure out the difference? Because before this i have this mindset saying as long as you can deliver the information, grammar is not that important. But no, just from these examples, i realised how important grammar is.

Have fun and stay motivated! :)

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