Friend, let us know each other more, will you? :)

For any big or small mess i ever made, i'm truly sorry. For any misunderstanding which ever happened before, let us 'muhasabah' again. Something in us might be lacking and maybe we should start making it better.

Because i have you, i found so many colours in life. You brighten my days, without me realizing. Until the day you have to go far far away. I started to sense, the meaning of having you by my side.

It's meaningful, really.

Too meaningful that it is able to make me smile in tears. Yesterday has passed. Today is happening. And as for tomorrow, i can only hope we could be just like yesterday again. No awkwardness nor silent. Comfortable being together, in silence or loud.

So friend, i accept my own proposal to know you even more, hihi. Love you, lillahita'ala :)

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