It's good enough if by the end of 3rd year or 4th year, i already got engaged. I really suggest myself an early marriage. Haha, only if i got the chance insya-Allah.

Kenapa tiba-tiba post pasal marriage ni kan? Hihi, well, just now saya ada kelas parenting kat kuliyyah of education. We got quite an interesting instructor. She originally studied here in IIUM. But already graduated long long time ago. Its been about 23 years already since she started working here. Wah, lama tu.

Then we were divided into groups, each group with 7 members. Just a group of discussion. She gave us topic regarding students who do not have partner yet before graduating, what will happened after they graduate? We talked a lot while discussing. Some seemed out of original topic haha.

After such a lot of discussion about matchmaking marriage, love before marriage, delayed marriage, and many else, the feeling of wanting to get married seems constructing. Haha i don't know why myself. But, that feeling flows with the will to make it because of Allah. To avoid fitnahs. To complete half of our iman. To get closer to Allah with someone leading us. Not just want to feel how is it to be loved or what so ever, no. Absolutely not. That kind happiness and all, insya-Allah we will treasure them after that. Love after marriage especially hehe. What i am talking about, hopefully anyone who read this could understand well. And please don't misunderstood any of what i'm trying to say.

My father encourage me to get married early. But because i don't have the chance (or i can say 'anyone') yet, i'll just wait until the right time come. Allah does not let me yet because HE knows, i'm not ready yet. HE knows best, and yes, i trust Him.

So MARRIAGE, greet me when i'm already prepared for you. Mentally and physically. And if by chance you come earlier than i expected, i'll try to make the choice well insya-Allah. 


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