When friends pry on good things they have ever done to us, don't ever say they were doing it without sincerity, don't blame them hundred percent. It might be because we don't appreciate well the good things they did, even though doing good things sincerely is better. But it used to be in better better way when this person do good things sincerely and the other person appreciate. It works better that way. I'm not suggesting people to always create hope that others should always appreciate what they do, because this can cause heartbreak, because human are never perfect. Just want to say that it is better if the other person appreciate. Appreciate is a silent thank you, and it can make a relationship closer. Seriously it's not that easy, i know, of course, but to be an understanding friend, we have to change that hard part. We have to. May Allah make it easy for us, in this blessful month. Ramadhan. InsyaAllah.

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