I dont know how to express this. But since i have to (if not things gonna suck more), i have to.

One thing i know for sure, i love a subject. But since midterm exam, i dont know why i start to stuck somewhere. Im not sure where but im sure it must be somewhere. It caused you a lot more strain when you like it and the lecturer is superkind but you cannot perform well. Isk2.

What to do? I must struggle more. I must find a way out of this confusion. I must survive. Im an engineering student. There is no way i find no hardship at all in achieving pure-engineering level. I must face these with positiveness. Look at the positive side, never be at negative. There must be a way, there must.

I yearn guidance from the Most Gracious, Who Own everything in heaven and on earth.
Yes, in every tears, there is way. Allah is there. Always there. Have trust maryam :)

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